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Congratulations On Their Hole-in-Ones!

Shelly Annand
Sharon Primerano

Chapter Highlights

Congratulations to Karen Sroka

Karen Sroka was the Second Flight Low Net Winner at the Chesapeake Region Semi Finals in Delaware.  She went on to compete in the Championship Finals on October 10 - 11 in Old Hickory, Tennessee.

Karen placed 7th out of 35 in the Championship Finals. Congratulations, Karen!

Congratulations to the Match Sticks Team!

The members of the Match Sticks team are advancing on to the EWGA Cup Finals.  The Finals will be held in Scottsdale, AZ December 7-8.  The members of the Match Sticks are Christi Watkins, Diane Gronewold, Shirley Repta, Deborah Dunham, Cathy Johnson, Jane Radford, Holly Warner adn Tammy Cobb.  Good luck to the Match Sticks team.

In the Know

HOT NEWS FROM EWGA HQ - November 2014

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Stay tuned for next Monday's EWGA Foundation Cyber Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Auction.
We thought we'd give you a sneak preview into what is being offered.
Item #CYBER302: Stevie Nicks signed framed LP "A Wild Heart".
Item #CYBER301: George Strait signed acoustic guitar
Item #CYBER303: Bruce Springsteen signed acoustic guitar &
Item #CYBER304: Kevin Costner signed golf ball with "Tin Cup" movie photo
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